Posted on Monday the 16th of August, 2010 by Suzie

With the BBC reporting that talks have begun between airports operator BAA and the Unite Union to try to avert strike action that could close six UK airports later this month, but will it really stop the BAA Airport Strike in time?

Security staff, engineers, and fire fighters have voted to strike over a pay offer of up to 1.5%.

The UK strikes could close the six main airports in England, including: -

  • Heathrow
  • Standstead
  • Southampton
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Aberdeen

If these strikes are to commence, then it’s likely that it’ll begin on the 23rd August, as it has to give the company seven day’s notice, although some analysts suggest that Unite may target the August Bank Holiday weekend, which is the 28th August to get maximum impact, but the Unions leaders have refused to confirm either way.

Although some observers believe strike action is unlikely, so this could be a good thing for those holidays makers already overseas looking at returning on or around the end of August.

One things for sure though, if you are travelling overseas, it’ll be recommended to look into what cheap hotels are in your area, just in case you end up staying on holiday for longer than originally expected, as during the peek holiday season, many hotels are fully booked and may not allow you to stay longer than originally booked.

Posted on Monday the 26th of July, 2010 by Suzie

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Posted on Wednesday the 13th of January, 2010 by lawrencehowlett

Airbus‘ latest order and delivery figures show that Virgin Atlantic has cancelled six of the A340-600 aircraft it had on order.

Virgin Atlantic firmed its previously-disclosed order for six Airbus A330-300s on 30 December.

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