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Cheap hotels in the sun

Booking a holiday is one of those things; it can be fraught with pressure as we all want a great holiday at a knock down price. Cheap hotels are a boon when you want a basic no frills break with plenty of sun, sea and sand; as long as the accommodation is close to the beach then it will all be fine.  Look out for last minute offers in order to take advantage of cancellations or empty spots, be open to your destination and you could be enjoying a great break at a fraction of the original cost. One of the keys to booking cheap hotels in great locations is to stay open as to when you travel. Whilst this is not always easy due to the need to book time off work, it is a good way to ensure a break when money is tight. The likelihood of you managing to book a great holiday at the last moment is quite high these days, holiday companies know there is a demand for this type of break and they are usually well publicised. If all you want is a nice break by the sea, then hold your horses and wait until the last moment…you could bag a real bargain!

Points to remember when looking for cheap hotels abroad

  • Stay open as to your destination
  • Keep your eye on the offers and check regularly on availability
  • Choose a window of time in which you can travel
  • Keep your cool

How do cheap hotels compare to 5 star hotels?

If you are looking for a holiday where you want to spend lots of time indoors, lounging on the bed, using the spa and ordering room service then perhaps cheap hotels are not for you. You may be happier booking a guaranteed 5 star hotel with all of the added extras. If however you only view the hotel as a place to lay your head at night, then cheap hotels are one of your bet options! All you need is a comfortable bed, with good shower facilities that is in a great location. You want to enjoy all that the resort has to offer in the way of beach life, local markets and restaurants so save your cash and book a cheaper hotel. What you don’t want however is to find that your hotel is miles from the beach or near building works, these issues can seriously impair a much needed holiday and one of the best and most simple ways of checking up on your hotel is to search internet reviews. Google maps will also sometimes give a clear idea of an area especially if you utilise Street View and take a virtual stroll along the promenade!

Top tips for being happy with cheap hotels

  • Check out the local facilities
  • Read reviews
  • Look at online maps

All in all it’s as well to remember that a holiday is what you make it. If you are the type who loves to be out and about, then cheap hotels are your best friends. They will save you cash to enjoy later or give you extra spending money whilst you explore the area.

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Looking for Deal hotels in London

Deal hotels in London tend to be quite easy to find, it’s a big city and with many establishments competing for your booking they can’t all afford to be too expensive! Of course London is a city famous for a number of well established luxury hotels such as the Ritz and the Savoy, but there are many perfectly wonderful small and attractive cheap deal hotels in the quaint and historic streets of this great city. In central London it may be easy to imagine that a hotel in such a great location would be expensive but this is not always the case. Smaller places can still offer a great deal, hotels which do not offer a restaurant on site for instance will usually be much cheaper than those who do. It’s not always a big inconvenience to eat out every day either, pubs and cafes in London can be wonderful in both quality of food and service. You can, with some careful research bag yourself a small hotel in the West End at no great cost and enjoy the convenience of being in central London at a relatively low price. If you are a fan of theatre then this makes for a great holiday as London’s West End is one of the greatest theatre districts in the world.

Making the most of London deal hotels and the West End

Savings made on accommodation means that you have more to spend on fun, eating out and entertainment.  Deal hotels can really free up cash for your visit and in an expensive place like London it’s best to save where you can! If you decide that you want to take in a West End show and have the luxury of dinner as part of your evening, then check out the restaurants around the theatre as most will offer some theatre goers discounts on meals eaten during the hours before and after the shows. A great tip is to ask the theatre ushers for their recommendations with regards to eating out. Many ushers spend full days in the West End owing to the strictures of being in the theatre for matinee’s as well as evening performances and they have often tried local eateries themselves. Look out for cut price ticket booths in the city centre which offer hugely slashed prices for seats in the best shows; visit the booth on the day you wish to see a show and visit early, you will get some idea of what might be available and when. Some cut price seats are only available mid-week and for matinee performances only so bear this in mind. If you are looking for a top deal, hotels in the outskirts of the city centre can also be a great idea and as public transport is excellent you won’t find yourself at a disadvantage at all. Indeed there is far mre to London than the city centre so staying away from the bright lights can in fact be a bonus!

Cheap deal hotels in a nutshell

  • Don’t expect a cheaper hotel to be shoddy
  • Ask staff for top tips on local entertainment and deals
  • There is a lot more to London than the West End
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With Europe having so many places to visit and enjoy within short travelling times, cheap city breaks are becoming more popular than ever. A city famous around the world is Amsterdam and is one of the most diverse places you can explore.

The city has a wide range of varying districts with every taste catered for. From its historic Canal District and world-renowned museums, to the Metropolitan quarter and famous Red-Light District, Amsterdam really is as distinct and fascinating as they come.

Possibly the best way of seeing the city is on one of the many Canal trips that are on offer, which not only allow you to see a side of the city you might otherwise not get too, but the on board commentary reveals a wonderful and emotive past. Amsterdam has 165 canals with a total length of 100 kilometres to explore.

One of Amsterdam’s best-known historical figures is Anne Frank, who lived hidden away for two years from the Nazis during their occupation of the city during World War II. During this time she wrote her famous diary and people can visit the house where she hid and see her celebrated diary on display. Anne Frank was eventually discovered and died in 1945 at Bergen-Belsen concentration camp.

Another one of the city’s most famous figures was the artist Vincent van Gogh and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam have the world’s largest collection of his work. He enjoyed a colourful and dramatic life with bouts of madness, including cutting off his own ear, depression and alcohol dependency, which eventually led to his own suicide. Despite this, he remained one of the most prolific artists of the 19th century, producing world famous paintings such as his iconic ‘Sunflowers’.

Amsterdam really is one of the greatest small cities in the world, whilst still having all the advantages of a big city. It is charming and packed full of culture with a tolerance and diversity that will engross visitors. Add to the mix a vibrant nightlife, superb restaurants and wonderful café’s this is a cheap city break that has to be experienced.

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Deal hotels and grabbing a bargain

We all need a romantic getaway at times, whether it’s a honeymoon or just a well deserved chance to spend time together, a romantic break is a great thing and with so many cheap deal hotels offering long weekends at knock down prices, the choices are staggering. If you are someone who enjoys the countryside then many of the grander country house hotels offer great discounts on breaks which are booked during term time. For many couples term time is not the ideal time to book a holiday as children tend to be a somewhat extraneous ingredient when it comes to romantic holidays! Call hotels directly to ask when they have an offer on which you could take advantage of, or check out late booking websites and surprise your other half with an impromptu break, there’s nothing like a holiday when you were least expecting it!

Deal hotels in romantic destinations

There are so many great deal hotels on offer today that if you are looking for a romantic break you will be spoiled for choice. Destinations which were once enjoyed only by those with plenty of spare cash are now there to be experienced by all. Checking online for last minute cancellations is a great idea for a surprise romantic holiday; if you want to give your loved one a wonderful and unexpected break you should be aware that some of the best deals can be secured only a day in advance of actually setting off! Some of the top locations for surprise romantic breaks in cheap deal hotels include Venice, New York and Paris but good old Britain should not be forgotten as there are some stunning destinations here which are not short in the romance stakes. Consider the following if you are looking for a romantic break within the UK.

  • Cornwall is steeped in romance and mystery, the home of Jamaica Inn and mysterious smugglers coves it is also stunning to look at with its chocolate box cottages and beautiful coastline. Cornwall is also the home of Merlin and reputed to be the final resting place of King Arthur, (though some believe he lies in Wales) the hero of many legends. It is very easy to immerse yourself in the romantic folklore of Cornwall whilst the gentle pace of life and the stunning beaches make the perfect setting for romance.
  • Wales is not called the land of music for nothing and it can be found everywhere in Wales. The Welsh are romantics by nature and the country which is home to harps and love-spoons is a great place to share in a quiet break with a loved one. Rolling green hills, rugged mountains and craggy castles abound here and that’s not to mention the stunning mountain and woodland walks on offer. Deal hotels in Wales can be found at any time of the year and rural locations offer an especially romantic break.
  • Scotland is well known for its great literary achievements and it is indeed a poetic place. From bleakly beautiful lochs and moors to energetic and cultured cities it’s a country that caters to everyone’s tastes. Edinburgh is a particularly romantic city with ancient buildings and cosy pubs aplenty there is something to please every couple looking for deal hotels in Scotland.

Remember that a romantic break is about relaxation first and foremost, book somewhere to enjoy and try not to feel any pressure. Lazy days and candlelit evenings should be on the top of your list of priorities.

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Finding great deal hotels

If you are the kind of person who loves outdoor activity and adventure then you will know the importance of having a comfortable bed to come home to at the end of a busy and physically tiring day! Whether you are a fan of cycling, rambling and climbing or water sports there is nothing like returning to a comfortable hotel where you can pamper yourself in preparation for another day’s adventure! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, some people see staying in one of the UK’s great deal hotels as an excuse for lazing about by the pool or for indulging in spa treatments…and that’s fine of course, but if you are more of an outdoorsy type then a sedentary break is not your idea of fun! Look out for knock down prices at odd times of the year, right after New Year for instance is a good time to search out cheap deal hotels as this is not a typical time for many to book their break and a lot of great hotels find that they have vacancies to fill. This is also a wonderful time to enjoy rambling or indoor activities if the weather is simply too cold for a long walk in the countryside. Check out local community and leisure centres for indoor sports and you may find that this becomes your favourite time of the year for a break. Towns and villages are quiet in winter and you can enjoy the scenery and local attractions without the hustle and bustle of tourist season.

Deal hotels and great activities

Rambling is great fun if you do decide to take advantage of one of the many deal hotels on offer and of course it is also a very healthy pastime. Perfect for those of us who perhaps do not enjoy the cut and thrust of team sports or more intense physical exercise, rambling is a wonderful way to discover more about the countryside and more about yourself in general. Depending on your fitness levels there are a great many walks to enjoy across the UK, coastal paths offer a good place to begin and one good way to start is to check out leaflets in your hotel which detail the most popular local routes. You will find that walks are graded, some being more suitable for experienced ramblers and which may last for hours, taking in more than two or three villages, whilst others may be no more than a mile from start to finish. Taking in a pretty stretch of woodland is a great way to begin as a rambler without putting too much pressure on yourself to perform!

Water sports and great deal hotels by the sea

The ocean affords us all the chance to be brave in some way or other and if you fancy a spot of surfing or if you have always wanted to try out yachting then booking one of the UK’s wonderful deal hotels by the sea will put you in the right place to experiment. Some busier coastal resorts offer open sea fishing trips where you can sample a taste of what life is like for the real fishermen of the UK and join them on a vessel designed for the job! Fishing, surfing or swimming there are so many great offers with deal hotels at any time of the year that it is very easy to get addicted to this kind of holiday. Shop around, decide what kind of activities you would like to try and you will soon wonder why you didn’t start sooner!