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Halloween Events in New York 2011

With Halloween around the corner, the ghosts and ghouls are making their way to New York and no city celebrates it better than the Big Apple! This October, Roomguide are offering even lower prices on cheap hotels in New York so you can make the most of the haunted holiday. Packed with parties, festivals and attractions, New York is the perfect place to go if you want to be truly spooked this Halloween! New York Halloween Parade will see thousands of people take to the streets of New York City including costumed marchers, bands, dancers, puppets and more! The Parade has been a tradition since 1973 and is the largest Halloween celebration in the world. This is a fun event for all the family but if you’re looking to be really frightened, there are many other events currently running until the 31st October:

Blackout Haunted House

This scary Halloween attraction requires you to go through on your own, with a protective mask and a flashlight. The intense experience is for over 18’s only and although you can scream as loud as you want, there is absolutely no speaking allowed.  The New York Times calls it “the extreme theatre event of the year.”


The zombie apocalypse starts again in the Bronx this Halloween. This Pelham Bay safe house is an onslaught of zombies lurking in the dark and jumping out at every corner. Quarantine protocols have begun in the Bronx and 1157 Pelham Bay has been identified as the safest location for residents to take refuge, or is it?

Steampunk Haunted House

Combining a steampunk culture with a traditional creepy house, this haunted location has been taken over by demented robots and clockwork spiders. This immersive experience separates audience members and thrusts them into a terrifying world of twisting hallways and dark cellars.

Blood Manor

A hit every year since 2005, this is New York’s premier haunted attraction featuring several fright filled environments including the Graveyard of the Doomed, the Chamber of Killer Klowns and the Cabaret of Death. From pig hanging carcasses to eerie graveyards, this is not for the faint hearted!

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Top 5 Free Things to Do in New York

With so many famous landmarks, exclusive shops and a world class entertainment scene, the Big Apple isn’t the cheapest of places to visit and this can sometimes be off putting for visitors. At Roomguide, not only do we have hundreds of cheap hotels in New York, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top free things to do in the city, so you don’t have to break the bank!

1. Stroll through Central Park

With 843 acres of gardens and lakes, you can experience New York’s backyard for free! With plenty of adventure playgrounds, important memorials and beautiful sculptures, it’s the ideal place to relax.

2. Eat Pizza at The Mark Bar

Everyday from 6pm, you can stuff yourself with free pizza and on Sundays you can shake off that hangover with complimentary coffee and bagels from noon!

3. Ride the Staten Island Ferry

The ferry itself is nothing to write home about, but it is completely free and offers tourists spectacular views of the Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge and New York Harbor!

4. Visit the New York Public Library

A trip to the library may not strike you as a very exciting way to spend your time in New York but you’ve never been to New York Public Library. Not only is it a piece of architectural beauty, it has a range of extensive collections and visual exhibits as well as a number of music and dance performances.

5. Enjoy a concert at Bryant Park

Bryant Park is one of the city’s premier outdoor cultural locations and free concerts are performed here during the summer including music, dance and movie events.

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New York hotels and theatres

It’s a well known fact about New York that it stays open all hours. Hotdogs at dawn and clothes shopping at midnight are the norm…but another well known fact is that it has some of the most amazing theatre in the world. Staying in a one of the great New York hotels near Broadway is a wonderful experience and the area is certainly a fascinating one with much history attached. Broadway is known worldwide as a major theatrical centre and there are forty theatres in the district each showing top quality shows at any one time. Immortalised in songs and films, Broadway is one of the romantic centres of the city and a newcomer to New York could easily spend hours wandering its sidewalks and taking in the stunning architecture and by night, the thousands of twinkling lights. If you are booking one of the more central New York hotels then you can’t go wrong in choosing the area around Broadway for your base.

New York hotels and evenings out in the city

New York is one of the finest cities for evening entertainment in the world. Packed with famous venues and eateries, the city is wonderful for everyone no matter what your tastes. Staying in any of the great central New York hotels will allow you to explore by night as well as by day and there is certainly lots to take in! If you enjoy seeing the latest live music acts, then the hottest spot is undoubtedly The Bowery Ballroom on Delancey Street where live music happens regularly. Not the type who enjoys crowded places or loud music? Then head to the Metropolitan Museum of Art where you can enjoy a drink high up on the terrace, with amazing views of Central Park and a peaceful atmosphere this is just the place for an afternoon cocktail, it’s not a well known tourist spot so you can enjoy the feeling of being “in the know” along with your drink!

New York hotels and a memorable walk through the city

A great way to make the most of your stay in one of the wonderful New York hotels is to take a walk which kills a few birds with one stone; a stroll across Brooklyn Bridge will allow you to take in the amazing and unforgettable sights of the Statue of Liberty and also the Empire State Building…and we all know that you can’t visit New York without seeing those properly! As you cross the bridge from the Manhattan side you could easily enjoy a further walk around Brooklyn on the other! Both are of course well known districts and this is a wonderful way to really get a feel for this beautiful city. Booking up on of the best New York Hotels in good time for a short break is a wonderful treat and it’s certain that once you have visited the Big Apple you will be back again for more! A more diverse and exciting city is hard to find.

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New York hotels and some great places to stay

New York is one of the most quirky cities in the world, fabulous New York hotels make it even better! It’s a city that is so full of unusual buildings, places and people you could quite literally spend a lifetime getting to know it and still find a corner you were unfamiliar with. Part of what has contributed to New York’s individual flavour is the haphazard way in which it grew…from a one horse town into an amazing and thriving city with many cultures settling over the years, each bringing their own traditions with them. Staying in one of the great quality New York hotels is a wonderful way to get to know the Big Apple and once you visit this place, you’ll find that you’re pretty much hooked.

New York hotels and quirky places to visit

Staying in one of the top New York hotels can bee a real eye opener in terms of luxury, from incredible views to opulent surrounding you should book carefully to try and bag a great view; the cityscape in new York is arguably unrivalled and what better way to wake up during your stay than to the sight of towering skyscrapers, neon lights and the hustle of New Yorkers as they go about their business? Once you have started your day off in the perfect New York fashion with a great New York style breakfast…think eggs over easy and fresh coffee…then you’ll be well set-up to go on a long day’s exploration of this fabulous place. New York is more than the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty; it’s a place full to the brim of quirky little museums and fascinating corners. Try a trip to Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Museum in Times Square; this crazy and sometimes stomach churning collection of bizarre and unusual artefacts makes for a wonderful introduction to the odd side of America! If the odd and curious don’t appeal to you then perhaps a tranquil row on the Central Park Lake might appeal? This is available throughout the spring and summer months and the scenery is surprisingly beautiful. A break in one of the many New York Hotels around Central Park would put you in the perfect situation to enjoy the peace and calm of the park when the busy streets get too much. For a taste of the traditional, a visit to Coney Island is not to be missed; this wonderful resort is a monument to days gone by, with its side-shows, fairground and traditional boardwalk you’ll get a real flavour of America’s past. From Burlesque on the beach to tattooed men and bearded ladies this place is an unforgettable experience!

When looking at which of the many great New York hotels which are best suited to your needs, it’s a good idea to jot down a list of the places you most want to see and experience, then depending upon your time scale you can make a rough itinerary and choose the best location for your plans. Remember to leave a day for aimless wandering though! New York is one of those cities where the best experiences can often be unplanned!

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There’s more to New York than the Big Apple

When thinking of staying in New York and starting to research New York hotels, many people think of New York and simply envision towering skyscrapers, the Statue of Liberty, yellow taxi cabs and Broadway…but of course there is a lot more to New York than the city! New York is an entire state in its own right. New York has eleven different regions including many famous places such as The Catskill Mountains, the Niagara Frontier, the Hudson Valley and the Thousand Islands. All of these amazing places are more than worthy of exploration and anyone who is in the lucky position of planning a holiday in New York should be aware of just how much this State has to offer. Larger New York hotels are often of high quality especially city centre venues, choose carefully according to the areas of this beautiful state that you want to include in your itinerary.

New York Hotels and the Catskill Mountains

The Catskill Mountains have long been a popular haven for city-weary New Yorkers with many wonderful resorts and hotels in the region. In fact it is so synonymous with holidays that the area has featured often in movies which are set in resorts such as Dirty Dancing and Casper Meets Wendy were both set in Catskills resorts and many other movies are made there due to the stunning scenery and quaint villages such as Palenville which is a small hamlet with less than two thousand residents. This stunning village was an important artist’s community during the nineteenth century and a wonderful art gallery and a regular summer festival are still keeping the artistic spirit alive in this special place. New York hotels which allow you to travel to Palenville are a great bet and this is a friendly, pretty place which is well worth a trip.

The Thousand Islands and New York Hotels

Stretching across fifty miles down the Saint Lawrence River are a large number of islands, over 15.000 in number and varying in sized they are a fascinating place to visit if you are staying in one of the many great New York Hotels nearby. Some of the islands are in Canadian territory whilst others are in the State of New York and thus are part of U.S.A. territory.  The islands are very varied in size and whilst some boast a single residence others are forty mile across with a number of homes and other buildings. Many people choose the Thousand Islands for camping trips and it is a great place for water sports. In the last two centuries the islands were very popular amongst rich New Yorkers and grand hotels and homes were built here, one which is open to visitors is the famous Boldt Castle which was built by George Boldt the proprietor of The Waldorf Astoria, he designed an amazing six storey castle which was never completed in his lifetime and which sadly fell into ruins soon after his death. The Boldt Castle was however rescued in the late nineteen seventies by authorities who have invested huge sums in repairing and renovating the building. Staying in any one of the amazing New York hotels in this region will give you access to this beautiful place and boat tours are a wonderful way to take in some of the amazing sights of the Thousand Islands