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Visit York Maze 2011 with Roomguide

A city break in York provides a cultural getaway, a romantic break or a fun packed family weekend. At Roomguide we have lots of cheap hotels in York and we’ve picked out one of our favourite attractions that we recommend that you go and visit! York Maze is one of York’s most popular summer attractions and will be open from 16th July to 4th September 2011 with new attractions as well as all the old favourites.  Created from over 1.5 million maize plants and covering an area that is larger than fifteen Wembley football pitches, York Maze is one of the largest mazes in the world! The Maze brings to life a different design each year making it very popular with visitors, old and new.

Find your way around the maze, collect the clues to solve the puzzle and you may just win a prize! Then relax and enjoy the great cafe and BBQ while the kids enjoy all the huge play areas on offer. Set in open countryside and just ten minutes from the city centre of York, York Maze is a memorable day out for all the family!

Events at York Maze Summer 2011

Beach Party and Barbeque – Saturday 20th August

No need to spend the day stuck in traffic trying to get to the coast, chill out at York Maze’s very own beach! Join the York Maze beach party with a surf simulator, limbo dancing, music and barbeque. A perfect day out for the entire family!

Torchlight Maze – Saturday 27th August

For a completely different maze experience, try York Maze in the dark! The maze will stay open right through until 10pm and the barbecue and café will be open all night – but don’t forget your torch to find your way back!

Book a cheap hotel in York and visit this great attraction , you can send us your reviews and photos of how many times you get lost!

For ticket prices and opening times visit the York Maze website here.

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Cheap hotels York for city breaks

Looking for cheap hotels in cities is a great way to enjoy all that is on offer in urban areas. There are many ways to being your search and various things to consider before you book anywhere. The main reasons most people decide to take a city break is to benefit from the many attractions which abound in cities. Theatres, museums, bars and nightclubs are all big draws for people and that’s not forgetting the shopping opportunities available as well as the historical aspect of some destinations. Your first step is to decide where you want to visit and then research what attractions most appeal. You may find that some of the best days out are in fact located outside the city’s boundaries and that is something to consider when booking one of the many cheap hotels on offer. A balance is important as you do not want to find that your hotel is miles from the centre of the city as this can negate any savings made as your cash is swallowed up on travelling too and from the hotel and various attractions. Get to know the city through maps and tourist information websites, create a virtual map of your own places of interest and then choose a location which will offer suitable travel opportunities. It stands to reason that a central hotel will often (not always) be more expensive than one in an outlying neighbourhood.

London and Cheap Hotels

London abounds with cheap hotels as it is such a large city that competition is fierce. You may not in fact find it necessary to stay in an outlying neighbourhood if you book carefully and shop around. There are plenty of good but basic hotels within the major districts of London and for some people; the ability to simply walk out of the door and find that London is literally on the doorstep is a great attraction. Having said that, there are also many areas of London which are not central but which are very attractive and have many wonderful things to offer to visitors. Highgate is a pretty area of London and has an “olde worlde” atmosphere to it, with many historical buildings and a good train service it is a great area to consider when looking for cheap hotels. The same could be said of Richmond which lies further outside London but is very simple to get to and from via public transport. Richmond is a charming town with a stunning park and many attractions of its own, including a top quality theatre and some wonderful restaurants. Think outside the box when it comes to finding your accommodation and you will soon realise that there is more to most capital cities than what it is in the centre of it.

Cheap hotels York and luxury breaks

Just because a hotel is not riddled with the little “extras” does not mean your stay won’t be perfect. A clean and pleasant room is all that’s required for a fun and relaxing break, consider taking a few home comforts to make your room more cosy…a special cushion or some extra nice chocolates will make a big difference to your room and the atmosphere. But remember, in a busy city packed with entertainment you probably won’t be spending much time indoors anyway! Cheap hotels are a great way of ensuring that your budget goes further and that means that you will have more to spend on special nights out and shopping! Luxury need not mean expensively decorated rooms with room service on tap, it can mean the freedom to come and go at will in an exciting and vibrant city.

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Cheap hotels and finding the best one for you

Cheap hotels are the best option if you are holidaying on a budget and still want the comfort of a private room, especially if camping isn’t your idea of fun! Wherever you decide that you want to visit in the UK bear in mind that booking low cost accommodation will save you cash.  Saving cash during your stay will free up money so that you can enjoy some special days or evenings out. When you know which part of the UK you would like to spend your break, then you can keep an eye out for cheap hotels which will enable you to get the most of your stay. There are some fantastic hotels in many of the major cities in the UK such as cheap Hotels in York.  Budget options are not always the less favourable choice and it should be remembered that in many case “budget” simply means no-frills. A basic but clean and pleasant room is all that is needed to have a good break. If however, you are someone who enjoys life’s little luxuries then you should remember to look online for last minute deals. Many operators offer fantastic bargains if you book late and you could find yourself in a top-notch hotel having paid a fraction of the price!

Before you book your accommodation, don’t be afraid to ask if there are any offers or discounts which you could take advantage of; check also what local amenities there are nearby, this is especially important if your stay is not in the Summer season as some local attractions may not be open or there could be special events on nearby which are not usually available during the busy tourists season. Consider too what matters most of all to you when booking your cheap hotel. Do you want the certainty of exactly where and when your holiday will be? If you need to know this, then it may be best to opt for a basic hotel rather than wait for a last minute cheap deal in a fancier venue. Remember the following tips when looking for your idea hotel.

  • Budget doesn’t have to mean low quality
  • Bag last minute deals online
  • Make sure you’re happy to go at short notice
  • Holidaying out of season can mean special offers

Cheap hotels in town

Staying in one of the UK’s many pretty and historical market towns is a great experience and a visitor who is new to the country will be charmed by the friendly local pubs and the pretty countryside. Staying in cheap hotels in smaller towns is a great way of experiencing the UK and all it has to offer. Choose your location carefully as you may want to visit other nearby towns, villages or attractions nearby and some areas are perfect for exploring entire regions. Before you book any cheap hotels it’s a good idea to ask your friends and colleagues for any personal favourites as there are some fascinating destinations which may not at first appear to be typical holiday towns.

Cheap hotels: top tips for making the most of your stay

  • Ask friends for their favourite destinations
  • Choose your location carefully
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts
  • Check up on what facilities are available

Enjoy your stay in the UK and take advantage of all the country has to offer as far as cheap hotels and beautiful locations go, there couldn’t be more choice!