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Cheap Hotels In Bath and Attractions in

Bath is coined as a heritage site that everyone should visit at least once during their lifetime with cheap hotels in Bath and attractions ranging from the Pulteney Bridge to a circus and from the Jane Austen Centre through to a great selection of museums around the city. Shopping is a favourite pastime of the nation and Bath is no exception offering a variety of shops within the city centre from the big name brand stores all the way down to a great selection of independent boutique stores that will provide a great shopping experience for everyone. The main attraction and where the city gets its name from is the Roman Baths – an attraction that gathers many tourists from all over the nation.

Head to the Roman Baths

The Roman Baths are just a stones throw away from many cheap hotels in Bath and are coined as a world heritage site based around Britain’s only hot spring, the ruins of the baths and treasures are extensive and preserved to produce a realistic feeling of what the baths would have been like back in that century. The attraction offers tourists the chance to see the water’s source and follow along the stone paths that the ancient Romans would have walked back in the day. It is possible to meet characters dressed up as Romans from the day and age two thousand years ago and hear stories and tales from the past – as well as having the possibility of an audio guide to the baths in eight different languages.

Sightseeing in and around Bath

If the Roman Baths aren’t to your taste then there are many other sightseeing opportunities in and around Bath – to start with there is Pulteney Bridge that is a historic bridge and one of the only in the country with shops built into it. Other sights include the Abbey of Bath that displays excellent architecture and an insight into the history of the city, and for five pounds you can climb to the top of the abbey tower and grasp a great view of the entire cityscape. With all these great attractions and sights to see the majority of tourists head to Bath for a long weekend break and stay in many of the cheap hotels in Bath making it an ideal city break.


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