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Things To Do For All The Family With Cheap Hotels In Cardiff

When staying in cheap hotels in Cardiff you can stay close to many attractions that are perfect for families of all ages. Cardiff is a popular location for those who want to do something different with their time. Of course, there are all the traditional sites for those who want to do the usual tourist trip of the Castle, the National Museum and the Shore, but for others, the regeneration of the city centre has led to the more interesting tourist spots being located right on the doorstep of some major cheap hotels in Cardiff. If you are looking for something interesting, something entertaining, or something that really shows the underbelly of the city, then there are many interesting locations in Cardiff that can be visited from the many cheap hotels in Cardiff city centre.

Shopping And More

If your family love shopping, you will be spoilt for choice. Head to the Arcade. The main doors are located nearby to the Castle, so you can do the tour of that attraction, and then nip into the Arcade to explore the many different shops which are there. You can find all of the traditional English shops, as well as some more unusual variations, so wherever your cheap hotels in Cardiff city are located, you will be able to find something nearby to suit your own individual tastes. If you don’t want to be trapped inside on a beautiful summer’s day, there is always Bute Park, considered to be one of the most historically significant parks in Wales. Bute Park also ┬áhas many plants and flowers, as well as extensive wildlife, so your children will be entertained all afternoon.

Attractions For Older Families

For the older family, head to Castle Coch. Much like Cardiff Castle, this ancient building was ‘modernised’ in the Victorian era, but it took much longer in the Castle Coch than in the major city castle. Coch was virtually destroyed during the fourteenth century, during a time of civil unrest in both Wales and England, but it was rebuilt almost entirely by William Burgess. Castle Coch is very popular with film and TV program makers, because it is clearly a magnificent castle, but is not as recognisable as Cardiff Castle nearby. If you don’t want to visit another castle, then you might consider Cathays Park. It is made up of three gardens, this is a magnificent place to visit with the family, and contains some Edwardian buildings as well as three unique gardens, all of which can easily be visited from cheap hotels in Cardiff and great for the whole family.


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