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How do I find the price for a specific hotel?

After you select the hotel of your choice and dates of your stay, click on "check availability" and the prices will be displayed for the available rooms.

We have children; can we get extra beds/cots in the room?
We advise to book a room according to the number of guests that will occupy it. Should you not find a room that can accommodate all guests, Please ensure to check the hotel’s policy for children and extra beds/cots. When the hotel accepts extra beds/cots and/or children in their policies, please add the request for the extra bed/cot and the age of the children in the guest comments box. The hotel will do their utmost to accommodate your request. The extra cost will not be included in the total reservation price. In order to guarantee the request and the price please contact the hotel directly on the contact details provided on your confirmation. cannot confirm this arrangement for the hotel. To confirm availability prior to making a booking, please contact our partner reservation department. Telephone number: UK: +44 - 845 0822 456, US: +1-877 266 5860, International: +44-203 147 3047 Email:

How do I know if the hotel has parking facilities and how can I reserve it?
If available, parking facilities and costs will be stated in the section "Hotel Facilities" – "Guest Parking". If stated that the parking requires booking in advance please contact the hotel directly. You will find the hotel’s contact details in the confirmation email.

Where can I find the hotel’s telephone number and/or email address?
 After you have completed a booking, the telephone/fax number and email address are provided immediately online and on your confirmation email. The address of the hotel can always be found at the top of each hotel page. Please note: Once you have a reservation, you can view, print, cancel or request a change by clicking on My Roomguide at the top right corner of our website and entering your book and pin number.

How do I cancel or change my reservation?
Please log on to My Roomguide using one of the two following methods: 1) Please click on the cancellation/change link provided on your confirmation email, this will take you to your My Roomguide page. or 2) Click on My Roomguide from the home page and enter your book number and pin number provided when you completed you reservation. From your My Roomguide page, select My Roomguide Self Service. Click on change to modify a room or click cancel to cancel the room. Hotel cancellation fees may apply.

What is my PIN code and what do I need it for?
Your PIN code is a 4 digit randomly generated number. The unique combination of your book number and PIN code will allow access to view, change or cancel your reservation on My Roomguide and as such please keep your PIN code confidential. .

What does the price include?
Immediately below the room type there is a list of what is and is not included in the room price. All extra facilities or requests that are not included in this list have to be arranged directly with the hotel after making your reservation (i.e. Parking, shuttle service etc.).

How do I know my reservation is confirmed?
After the 2 steps of the booking process you need to click on "make the reservation". You will then see a confirmation page with your booking number, your booking is now confirmed. For future reference, please write or print your booking number. You will receive an email confirmation on the email address provided during the reservation process. You can also view your confirmation via My Roomguide.

Can I make a reservation by phone?
No, we do not take reservations over the phone.  For more information email us at

Where can I find the address of the hotel?
The address of the hotel is stated at the top of the hotel’s page and on your booking confirmation.